ISA Award 2017

With the mission of serving humanity The Isa Award is granted every two years to either individuals or organizations who have been selected through a grueling process by an expert panel of jurists.

Client: Isa Award for Service to Humanity
Services: Film Production, Photography, Design

In 2017 jury selected Hospital 57357, a Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation in Egypt for the Isa Award. We aimed to highlight why this hospital deserved the award.

We filmed Dr Sherif Abouelnaga, who is an inspiration in himself and how his resilient efforts are making the world a better place. The film was full of emotions with true life stories of cancer patients. It is also connection with the audience. In addition, the film communicates the biography of Dr. Sherif Abouelnaga and efforts of his team.

The film was started with a pre-production visit in the hospital. It took 2 weeks to gather all the information about the hospital; facilities, amenities, number of patients, types of treatments etc. Next challenge was to write a comprehensive script and ideation for this film. It took 11 days to shoot all the aspects of the hospital. From the drawing board to the final edit our core team and state-of-the-art equipment were able to complete an impressive film.

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Design Work
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