Khaleeji VIP

Brand Development and Stationery Design

Khaleeji VIP is KHCB’s premier banking service designed to optimize, protect and manage the financial well-being of its high-net-worth clients. The bank was to provide a premium service for these clients which included special benefits and privileges. In order to market this service, KHCB required us to create a unique brand identity and all related collateral.

Client: Khaleeji Commercial Bank B.S.C
Services: Stationery Design
Design Work


A unique identity required to explain who we are!

We had to create something that would appeal to their premium customers and also differentiate it from the other Premium banking services in the market. We had to come up with a unique name and tagline that summed up the essence of the product. All this had to be in line with the recent revamp of KHCB’s brand and positioning.

Design Work
Design Work


That’s how we inspire the world.

Capitalizing on the uniqueness of the name Khaleeji Commercial Bank, the product was named “Khaleeji VIP’ with a tagline that reads “signature of trust”. The stationery was designed to look simple, modern and luxurious by adding silver foil to it. A VIP Credit Card was also designed to within the identity of the product. Other collateral included; credit card cover, cheque books, forms, booklets, roll ups a social media posts.



The unique identity centered more and brought more than that.

The result was a strongly built brand identity and beautiful design stationery. All the collateral created helped to launch the product successfully and gain many new clients for the bank. This was proof of the fact that we successfully created a unique identity for the product that stood out from its competitors in the market.

Design Work
Design Work
Design Work