Smart Fox

Every project is unique and we always treat each one with customized techniques. Smart fox is a complete family entertainment center. The task given to us was to design all the areas of smart fox which was to be launched in Ramli Mall.

Client: Smart Fox
Services: Environment Branding, Photography

By using our professional tools, we designed each section according to the brand guidelines. To get the best experience, we made each section unique by using vibrant colors and beautiful layouts so that children can play in an attractive environment.

In addition, we applied the best interior design ideas to improve the aesthetic and functional quality of bowling section.

All of the design layouts and interior designing ideas were crafted in 3D and rendered. Our dedicated experts spent day and night to complete the project in the most efficient manner.

Moreover, to attract the audiences, we also did thematic photography. As the result of all efforts, our designed projects becomes the center of the attraction for everyone.

Branding | Design Work
Branding | Design Work